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You will find lots of useful links in your resources guide, but one thing that can really get left-handed children off to a bad start with writing and school is not being shown how to form letters the left-handed way (yes - we form some of the letters in a different direction to right-handers!).  So we thought you would like our... 
Left-Handed Letter Formation Guide
One of the most common problems we hear about from Left-Handers Club members and people who contact us for advice is that their young children are having trouble with writing, cannot seem to get the hang of certain letters and are getting in trouble with their teachers.
We have produced this book to help your left-handed child form the letters of the alphabet with the minimum of difficulty. Problems can arise because right-handers naturally pull their pen across the page and can easily make left to right strokes following the direction of writing. Left-handers are pushing their pen across the page and when making left to right strokes this can lead to the pen or pencil digging in to the paper so it does not write smoothly.
Left-handers usually avoid this problem by forming some of the letters in different directions and it is important that you and your child know about this to avoid problems.
What's in the guide?...

Guidance on writing left-handed

Paper position, posture, hand position, grip and pressure.

All upper and lower case letters

Showing how they are correctly formed for a left-hander and highlighting the ones that are different from right-handers.

Practice sheets for all the letters

With full and half height dotted lines to help with creating consistent size and shape.

Lined sheets for free practice

Print all of the practice sheets as many times as you like until your child is confident with the shapes of all the letters.
We are a small family business providing advice and specialist left-handed products for customers all over the world.  We opened out first shop in London in 1968 and have been running our website since 1999.  We currently have over 140,000 members of our Left-Handers Club.

60 Day Guarantee

Thousands of parents and children have had great benefit from using these guides, but if you are not happy with them for for any reason, just let us know and we'll refund your money... no questions asked!
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The Left-Write Writing Guide Mat

All of the letter formation examples from the main guide spread around the outside of a printable guide mat that also has the perfect paper position for left-handers marked with writing lines and notes on position and grip.  Provided as a printable PDF file that can be printed either in A3 size for use with A4 writing paper or A4 size for use with smaller A5 paper. The right-handed version is included free of charge - either for comparison with the left-handed version to teach the differences, or use by a right-handed child!

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Left-handed writing guide mat
Right-handed writing guide mat
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