Have you seen Lauren's book "Your Left-Handed Child"?
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The ultimate guide to understanding and bringing up left-handed children. 

Based on 30 years of running Anything Left-Handed, feedback from thousands of parents and teachers and also bringing up our own left-handed son and right-handed daughter, it has all you need to know about helping your left-handed child to get the best start in life and avoid the many practical problems they could face.
120 page Ebook for download and immediate access.
Your Left-Handed Child Ebook

Understand how your child's handedness develops

How to recognise left-handedness and help your child develop their skills using natural brain organisation and physical strengths.

Strategies for everyday life as a lefthander

Understanding why some things are more difficult for lefthanders and learning how to make them easy - cutting, writing, kitchen, electronics, crafts and daily practicalities

Winning at school the left-handed way

Helping the teachers to understand your child's requirements (they don't get trained in this!). Writing and learning the left-handed way,avoiding practical problems.

Sport, music and other activities

Being left-handed can be a great advantage if you play to your strengths rather than being restricted by conforming to a "norm" that doesn't fit you.
We are a small family business providing advice and specialist left-handed products for customers all over the world. We opened out first shop in London in 1968 and have been running our website since 1999. We currently have over 140,000 members of our Left-Handers Club.

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Additional Products in the All Guides Set
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Left-Handed Letter Formation Guide (normally £3.95)
One thing that can really get left-handed children off to a bad start with writing and school is not being shown how to form letters the left-handed way (yes - we form some of the letters in a different direction to right-handers!)
Guidance on writing left-handed
Paper position, posture, hand position, grip and pressure
All upper and lower case letters
Showing how they are correctly formed for a left-hander and highlighting the ones that are different from right-handers.
Practice sheets for all the letters
With full and half height dotted lines to help with creating consistent size and shape, plus lined sheets for free-practice
Left-Handed Scissors & Cutting Guide (normally £3.95)
When children start to cut out shapes at school it can be a real knock to their confidence if all the other children can do it AND THEY CAN'T. Most teachers are not trained to understand the different needs of lefthanders in their class and will not give them scissors that work for them or teach them how to cut properly left-handed.
Guidance on using left-handed scissors
Why left-handers can't use right-handed scissors and tips on using left-handed scissors safely and effectively.
Cutting practice sheets, level 1
Lines, squares, circles and a bookmark project to learn the basic of controlling accurate cuts, with direction arrows.
Cutting practice sheets, level 2
Snakes, stars, spirals and more to entertain your child while they become a cutting expert.
The Left-Write Writing Guide Mat (normally £2.95)
All of the letter formation examples from the main guide spread around the outside of a printable guide mat that also has the perfect paper position for left-handers marked with writing lines and notes on position and grip. Provided as a printable PDF file that can be printed either in A3 size for use with A4 writing paper or A4 size for use with A5 paper.
(The right-handed version is included free of charge - either for comparison with the left-handed version to teach the differences, or use by a right-handed child!)
Left-handed writing guide mat
Right-handed writing guide mat
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